Havenstrike Rivals is a Tactical RPG from SQUARE ENIX available on both the iOS and Android mobile systems.

The story is that you are a solider in the war-torn kingdom of Lunnain, fighting the assault form the deadly Fallen.
The battles take place on a 3×8 board, which you deploy your troops against your Havenstrikeopponent.  You first start off with 2 mana, building up to 10 mana each turn.  Your troops cost anywhere from 2 to 4 mana each, and can be refunded after they are defeated.  The goal is to have your troops reach the opposite side of the board to attack and defeat your opponent.
Havenstrike has both a story and PVP modes, to test your skills in.
The downside to this game (like most freemium games) you can just pay real money for super rare troops, so going into PVP can be a bit daunting.  Also, playing through the story mode requires energy that can run out so it makes the game difficult to just sit down and enjoy.
Due to this, its hard to give the game a high score.  But if you enjoy Tactical RPG’s you should give this game a try.
3.5 out of 5.
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