By: Rod Washington

Covering events, like, Comicon and Fan Fest, are fun for us, enlightening, and informative. We enjoy posting articles and media of these events for our audience to enjoy.

Nai Wang has faithfully recorded these events at Phoenix Comicon for years now. And we were proud in 2013 that he joined TNC and has recorded the panels, allowing us to share them on our sites, linking back to his YouTube channel. 

The only times that we are unable record videos of panels is when the celebrity guest bands video recordings of their sessions, and we respect that. There are plenty of other events that we can cover at the con.

dsc_0010Recently, Nai captured panels at Fan Fest 2016. We planned to post the panels of Stranger Things, Agents of Shield, and others. Unfortunately, we were only able to post the video of Stranger Things panel.

Shortly after posting, Nai discovered that someone had downloaded his videos from his YouTube channel and posted it on their channel without his permission. He got with YouTube, and they took down the videos. The owner of the site who stole his videos for some reason sent him a cease and desist letter, which I don’t understand since it was Nai’s footage. In a retaliatory strike, the perpetrator put three copyright claims on Nai’s site, and when that happened, YouTube suspended his site.

What does this mean?

Unfortunately, Nai is unable to clear up this matter at this time, so his site will be down indefinitely. Well, all the panel articles that we posted both present and past will have broken links that will not give you videos, since the site is suspended, there’s no access. Hopefully this matter gets resolved soon and videos are back up.

We will keep you posted with the developments of this issue. We are confident Nai can get this cleared up when he’s able to.


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